At Niblett Brush-Hogging & Land Management, LLC we can efficiently clear your land of gnarly briar thickets, thick shrubs, vines, small trees, or other dense vegetation, without excessively disturbing the soil. Using the heavy duty Forestry Mulcher to shred this unwanted vegetation will convert it into beneficial ground covering mulch, which will decay and benefit the soil. Unlike land clearing with a dozer which leaves large stump holes and logs that must be dealt with, mulching only stirs a few inches of top soil while mixing in some of the fresh mulch.

The Forestry Mulcher is ideal for clearing a path for a new fence or right-of-ways, converting thickets into pasture land, clearing vegetation to gain access to inaccessible areas of your property.

When necessary, the mulcher would be used to clear only the thickest, worst areas of a property. For the less dense areas, we would typically suggest using one of our two Brush-Hogs to efficiently clean the more manageable areas for the best, most cost effective method of clearing some properties. The Mulcher mounts to the rear of the tractor which clears a path for the tractor as it is driven backwards. The brush-hog is also connected to the rear of the tractor but is pulled through the area being cleared. Once an area is cleared using the mulcher, it is typically maintained using a brush-hog.

By having many various types of equipment available, Niblett Brush-Hogging and Land Management, LLC can provide the best, most efficient and cost effective options to meet your needs.

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  • Boom Mowing

    Reclamation / Forestry Mulching

    Remove unwanted vegetation, stumps, or entire trees

  • Benefits of Mulching

    Improves the aeration, structure, and drainage of the soil

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