Niblett Brush-Hogging & Land Management, LLC provides all our clients with expert boom mowing services which are ideal for trimming back roadways, pond banks, ditches, embankments, fencerows, slopes, and other tricky spaces in which traditional mowing equipment is not suitable. Niblett Brush-Hogging & Land Management, LLC employs only the best, most dependable and versatile boom mower that is designed to trim heavy brush, thick vegetation and tree limbs up to 4” thick.

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Our top-of-line boom mower makes trimming vegetation off your pond bank, ditch, or other challenging area quick and effective. The rotary cutter head at the end of the 17 foot long articulating arm can extend, be manipulated and rotated to cut from horizontal to vertical and horizontal overhead for those difficult or hard to reach areas in order to efficiently clean up your land, trim back roadways or underneath tree canopies. The cutter can reach over fences, over guardrails, or down into steep ditches. When needed, we can use one of the two tractor mounted grapples to gather the trimmed off limb debris, leaving a clean roadway or area.

Combine these machines with our experience and skill, no matter the landscape and whatever the challenge, we are up for it. We look forward to working with you and to providing you with the quality boom mowing service you are looking for.
Call Niblett Brush-Hogging & Land Management, LLC today at (479) 806-3034, for a no obligation free quote.
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  • Boom Mowing

    Boom Mowing

    Pond banks, deep ditches, culverts, overgrown vegetation

  • Difficult Angles / Verticals

    Tree limbs, fence lines, canopies

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    Active duty, veterans, and law enforcement savings

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